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Discovering the Delicious Tastes of Dishdash's Middle Eastern Dishes

At first glance, Middle Eastern cuisine might appear intimidating at first glance, with a menu full of unfamiliar names and flavor combinations. But the Middle East has many dishes to explore, many delicious and easy to make. Doing some research into the ingredients and techniques of Middle Eastern cuisine can be pretty rewarding. A great place to start is at Dishdash, a restaurant in the heart of New York City that specializes in serving delicious dishes from the Middle East. At Dishdash, you’ll find a wide variety of dishes—many traditional and some modern takes on classic Middle Eastern fare. You can expect to see words like baba ganoush (cooked eggplant, tahini, and garlic), falafel (ground chickpeas and other spices served in pita bread), and baklava (a sweet dessert made of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey). But so many more delicious Middle Eastern dishes are served up at Dishdash. Information can be found here.

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Try some of the more exotic items like kibbeh (a spiced beef dish served with a bulgur wheat salad), muhammara (a roasted pepper and walnut dip), and shawarma (seasoned meats that are slow-roasted and then served on pita bread). Or go for the classics like hummus (a chickpea dip) and kofta (meatballs made of beef, lamb, and spices). Dishdash offers some of the best Middle Eastern ingredients, from pomegranate molasses to sumac to za’atar (an earthy mix of herbs and spices). The chefs constantly experiment with different flavors and aroma combinations, so you never know what you might discover. The kitchen staff is dedicated to ensuring that all ingredients are of the freshest quality, ensuring that every bite is as flavorful as possible. If you’re up for an adventure in Middle Eastern cuisine, Dishdash is a great place to start. Open for both lunch and dinner, you can get a taste of some of the region’s most beloved dishes. And if you’re looking to take some of your favorite Middle Eastern dishes home, Dishdash also offers a Middle Eastern catering service. So get ready to explore the many delicious tastes of Dishdash’s Middle Eastern dishes. See here for information about Exploring All the Beauty of Washington Park in Sunnyvale, CA.

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