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Cupertino, California: A City of Innovation and Community

Cupertino, California, is a vibrant city that makes up part of the Greater Bay Area in the United States. Cupertino is home to several world-class technology companies, such as Apple Inc., Intel, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard. As a result, Cupertino is consistently ranked as one of California's best places to live. Information can be found here.


Cupertino traces its beginnings back to 1854 when two men – John T. Doyle and Anastacio Alviso – purchased a swath of land in what is now Cupertino. The region was first referred to as “West Side” and was later changed to “Cupertino” when the post office opened in 1877. The area’s population slowly increased in the following decades, particularly in the 1950s. Cupertino’s population has grown exponentially since then, with the city now home to 60,000 people. Discover facts about Santa Clara in California: Great destination for both residents and tourists.

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Cupertino prides itself on its excellent quality of life, with abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Stevens Creek County Park, for example, has miles of trails for hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders. Cupertino also has many shopping options, dining establishments, and entertainment venues. The city is best known for its involvement in the tech industry. Cupertino is home to various technology firms and entities, most of which are located in the heart of the city, in what is referred to as Silicon Valley. 

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